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2013-05-20 16:31:30 by 696-dregon-696

all my shit is here guys! make sure to check it out

YA BOY NICK BONES/ The Legion Of Boom


2011-04-13 00:02:50 by 696-dregon-696

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2011-02-10 01:02:22 by 696-dregon-696

Ay whats good newgrounds
been working hard on some new beats
mainly rappin over them now since its hard to make guap on newgrounds
but you guys is awesome as hell so expect alot more beat posts
within the week

lookin for people to colab with so halla

Whats popin
im bored i need some newgrounds homies
so i got this idea
to get abunch of producers and hip hop artists
on NG and Create a leauge of BAD ASS DOODS
i dont have a name for it fuck that shit
but if your interested HALLA

I need band mates.

2007-09-21 04:30:29 by 696-dregon-696

I want to star an online Metal core band.
so i need every thing but vocals.